An overview on Preparing from editorials for Civil Services Exam – Which editorials should be studied and how

Reading newspapers and other sources of current affairs is a must while preparing for Civil Services Examination. And when it comes to going in-depths of an issue or a topic, editorials form the best source to get all the relevant information is of utmost importance. But mere reading will never suffice your purpose until you select the most relevant topics and understand how to read it well!

Importance of reading editorials – Questions asked in Civil Services Examination will test your academic knowledge and analytical abilities at various levels. Because the questions are majorly opinion based, editorials section of the newspapers will help you understand an issue or a topic while also developing a broader opinion. Reasons being –

  1. Factual repository – Editorials are an enriching experience. For a topic, which is already in discussion at local, national or even International podium, editorials provide you with an in-depth analysis of the entire story with the necessary background details in relevance to the current scenario of the situation. And this is the most important feature of editorials is that you will find all the relevant facts, data, figures and names, in regard to the topic being discussed, covered. In fact, if you can read 2-3 editorials for one topic, you will be able to grasp all the information while also developing an all-around opinion about the situation.
  2. Authentic Source of Information – As obvious to its nature, editorials form one of the most reliable sources of information, especially in terms of Governmental initiatives & programs. You can relate the same with subjects like Geography, History, Polity, etc. And if you effectively prepare from these editorials, you will be able to cover most of the related questions in both the objective and subjective stage of Civil Services Examination, i.e. the Prelims & Mains.

Where to read from – Editorials for Civil Services are strongly advised to be read, only from ‘The Hindu’ & ‘The Indian Express’. Both these newspapers are considered as most relevant sources of information in term of Civil Services Examination preparation and editorials from these papers are also in the best regards to all the involved parties.

Must Read – Useful sources for Current Affairs Preparation for Civil Services Exam

How to read Editorial and which editorials should be read

  • The first and basic step to understand ‘how to read the editorials’ is reading and understanding the syllabus well
  • Secondly, have a look at the previous year question papers and see what kind of questions are asked from editorials
  • Thirdly, enrol for Test Series and know about the probable question which can be asked from the editorials part. From there you will get an idea which topics should be read in editorials

If you are looking for Prelims Test Series to understand the probable topics in depth and get experts’ advice and evaluation, Click Here to enrol now

Which editorials should be read?

Although the above activity will give you a fair idea on what topics are important to be studied from editorials part in the Newspaper while preparing for Civil Services Exam, here we are listing down the relevant ones which you must focus upon to get exam ready:

  • Editorials and News related to any important judgement or ruling passed by the Supreme Court or High court are important to read. Moreover, aspirants are advised to understand the relevance of judgement related news in the syllabus. Relate this with subjects like polity, Economy, Geography, History, etc.
  • Editorials on social issues or challenges being faced by society are important. Read them in depth and understand the pros and cons and think about the initiatives that should be taken to overcome them. Make notes of the recent incidents that happened related to the topics. You can write or quote those incidents to substantiate your point. For eg. Moral policing or caste riots etc.
  • Read editorials and make notes of the topics such as issues which are being discussed by the government/ministries. Or any new initiatives taken by the government, any new scheme announced by the government. Understanding the pros and cons of the issues like water conservation, linking rives (which are currently in news) is equally important. Moreover, government schemes initiatives must be identified well. For those who are preparing for upcoming IAS Prelims 2019, you must make important notes on the following topics from government schemes/policy and the initiatives:
  1. The objective of the Policy/Scheme
  2. Special features of the policy
  3. Members involved
  4. The department or the ministry under which it operates
  5. Any constitutional provisions related to the policy

For Mains, you must do a detailed analysis of the policy and must evaluate the pros and cons associated with the policy.

What to focus on while reading Editorials – While reading Editorials, focus on the issue that you are reading about. It is not merely a news story but something very compelling which made the author research about it and write about it. Try to understand the relevance of the topic and see what the diverse aspects are you must know about the story, people involved, situation, location, and everything related. For instance, if you are reading an editorial on a senior government employee being discharged off their services, than instead of reading why were they removed and who expelled them, etc., focus on under what laws or charges, were they removed or not, and the related clauses, provisions of removing that employee or how will this decision affect the department and the society in all the different measures.

Quick Tips to remember –

  1. Always categorise the editorials you read. The more organised you keep your notes, better will be your chances to learn effectively and refer to your notes in future, without any chaos and confusions.
  2. Just reading from a single source will never suffice the purpose, not even reading from ‘The Hindu’, so do refer to other relevant sources of current affairs for more insights into the matter and frame your opinion accordingly.
  3. Certain important areas always covered from the editorial section are about the various important Scientific researches, people & places that are in news for something of National or International relevance, Governmental policies and newly formed branches, economic reforms, etc. Keep a special eye for related topics.
  4. Highlight important words & lines from each editorial and keep a note of it for future reference.
  5. Editorials are always a help in writing essays on related topics, so ensure you practice the same with topics that relate. Take help from previous year papers!

As an academy who is successfully guiding Civil Services aspirants for the past 25 years, we can provide you with the most relevant preparation tips from the Subject Experts. But ultimately it is you who must follow the path and give wings to your dreams. Try making this learning process an interesting journey and you will see your dreams come true!


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