FAQs for IAS Prelims Test Series

Candidates aspiring for Civil Services Examination are often seen speculating their preparation, even after having given the examination. Let alone exam pressure, there are so many confusions regarding the exam format, syllabus, questions, and a lot more. Being such a highly competitive examination, feeling this way is quite understood and that is the reason what compelled us to shoo away your fears. After an extensive research and discussion with our Subject Experts, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) and their answers. In this article, we have to address every common query of students and if there is something that we may have missed, please feel free to write your questions in the comments sections below.

The most asked questions on Prelims Test Series –
  1. What has been your success rate with Prelims Test Series?

Answer – 30 questions matched in Prelims 2017 and 23 questions matched in Prelims   2018, and our experts do a rigorous analysis every year to keep that figure higher only

  1. How important is Test Series when it comes to UPSC Civil Services Preliminary examination?

Answer – The major motive of Test Series is to help students evaluate themselves on the standards of UPSC and eliminate the scope of errors at the final quest. For an instance, you might have a fair idea on the factual part of history, but you might not sure about concept related questions; and this is where the Test Series help you think from a broader perspective and boost your preparation process. Moreover, Test Series gives you a first-hand experience of the actual examination, provided the Test Series is good and covers the probable questions of actual Civil Services exam. It also gives answer evaluation by experts which further enhance your knowledge, clear your doubts and give you a fair chance to work on your weaker areas.

  1. What is the right time to join Prelims Test Series?

Answer – It is strongly advised to take your test series post completion of Civil Services Prelims Exam syllabus, by October last or early November, so that you can assess your complete preparation and rectify the weak areas in good time. Even if you enrol in a Prelims Test Series latest by December mid-week, it should help you ascertain your current knowledge base and help you polish the needful areas for a stronger knowledge base, in regard to the UPSC Civil Services Prelims Exam. When you begin practising with the test series at the right time suggested above, you get enough time to solve as many papers as possible, and you get enough time to work on your weaker areas and get exam ready.

  1. What are some important things to keep in mind before joining a test series?

Answer – A good Test Series should be a replica of UPSC Prelims exam. The focus should be on covering all the possible and probable aspects and questions. UPSC does ask both easy and difficult questions, but what matters is the nature of questions.

The most asked questions on Chanakya’s Prelims Test Series –

  1. When are you starting with your Prelims Test Series and how do we enrol for it?

Answer – Our Prelims Test Series has been commenced already, from October 20th, 2018. But you can still enrol for the same, and take the previous tests, also.

To enrol for Chanakya IAS Academy’s Prelims Test Series, click here.  

  1. Can I take the Online Prelims test anytime, as per my convenience?

Answer – Once you have registered for Chanakya’s Prelims Test Series, you can take the tests anytime, as per your requirement and suitability. The only condition is that the tests get uploaded on scheduled dates, a post which you can attempt it anytime.

  1. Do you provide Prelims Test Series in Hindi?

Answer – Yes, Chanakya’s Prelims Test Series can be availed in both Hindi & English as per individual preferences.

  1. Do you give an All India Ranking or simple grading for Chanakya’s Prelims Test Series?

Answer – We have an All India Ranking system which is declared post completion of the entire Prelims Test Series. Students can check their results through their LMS Logins, provided at the time of registering for the Mock Tests.

  1. How does the academy decide ranks for the Mock Tests?

Answer – Ranks are allotted post completion of the entire Test Series. To calculate that, our experts compare individual performance of students and also their score, and accordingly, the ranks are allotted, on an All India ranking basis.

  1. Will I get a Rank in Mock Tests if I attempt it post your scheduled date?

Answer – Yes, if you have given all the tests before the final ranks are calculated, you will be given an All India Rank based on your performance in the Prelims Mock Test. You can attempt all the previous papers anytime post the scheduled date. Just make sure that you have completed all the tests, well in time before attempting the last paper. And, do not merely complete the paper, for sake.

  1. What are the papers that you cover under the Mock Test?

Answer – Chanakya’s Prelims Test Series intensively covers entire syllabus for the Civil Services Prelims Exam.

  1. How many tests will be conducted in the Prelims Test Series?

Answer – Our Prelims Test Series comprises of 25 tests for the GS and 5 CSAT Tests. So, students can avail a total of 30 Test sets in Chanakya’s Prelims Test Series. But to win a rank, the student must attempt all the scheduled papers.

  1. What is the Schedule of complete Test Series?

Answer – Chanakya’s Prelims Test Series has commenced from October 20th, 2018 and you can still attempt the papers. Read the Schedule of our Prelims Test Series, here.

  1. Will you cover current affairs in the Prelims Test Series?

Answer – Yes, current-affairs based questions form an integral part of Mock Tests. Our experts have ensured that student can relate even the subjective questions with relevant current updates and frame their answers accordingly.

  1. Do you provide classroom test series and if yes, how different is it?

Answer – We will take your question, in parts. Firstly, Yes Chanakya’s Prelims Test Series is available in both Online & Classroom Mode. And regarding how different it is, both the Mock Tests have a basic contrast on the basis of location and ease of access to expert guidance. Where Online tests provide ease of access in the comfort of one’s home, classroom mocks provide important discussions with subject experts to discuss important topics and also help students individually understand the weak areas. It is totally one’s choice, as to which mode is feasible for them.

Apart from these frequently asked questions, there could be more queries you may have regarding Chanakya’s Prelims Test Series or other courses. For any further information on the Prelims Test Series, click here. You can speak with our Counsellors on our toll-free helpline – 1800-274-5005.

And, if you still have any query for which you wish to have a call back from our experts or get connected with them online, write your query in the form below

Team Chanakya wishes you all the very best for all your future endeavours!



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