Civil Services Preliminary Exam! How to make sure that you clear?

A stern warning for all the candidates; Don’t take Prelims lightly! Why should you? The trend of taking Prelims exam lightly has continued for years—putting the Mains on the priority side. We all should realize that your intermediate Pre-boards from 12th standard are not similar to Prelims, in which even if you fail—you’d be allowed to appear for the finals. Here, you will get chance the appear in Mains only after you qualify the Preliminary Exam.

Preliminary Examination’ as a term—doesn’t have a serious tone. Hence, most of the casual aspirants don’t realize its real significance and often forget to invest dedicated 2-3 months just for a preliminary examination. You cannot get to the second stage if you trip down on your first.”

Students are advised to devote at least 3-months for preliminary examination, just to compete with the fact that you would be racing with almost a million other candidates. And, at the same time, you must acknowledge the brutality of UPSC which reduces the number from 1 million to 15 thousand in a single stage.

You must keep following key ideas in your mind before you start the preparation for UPSC Prelims;

Most important point should be given the top priority. Test Series. Do enroll in a Test Series program and assess your preparation. Before moving further, let’s have a look at why Prelims Test Series is one of the most important parts of your preparation process for Civil Services Preliminary Exam.

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  1. Maximum Revisions from a few trusted sources is the key to cracking UPSC. It is advised that candidates must revise the syllabus at least thrice for the required retention and assimilation. Candidates should also avoid the ‘Must Read’ booklets in the market (As every other person would suggest you the name of an important book) and changing their strategies after every month. Simply just make a stronger base with NCERTs and then go for standard books for prelims under an expert’s guidance. Click Here to find the list of standard books for the right preparation.
  2. Candidates must practice joining the dots by critical thinking and connect what they are reading to what they already know about the subject. According to Aishwarya Raj, IFS (Indian Forest Service), preparing for UPSC is a mix of traditional learning along with excursions to National Museums, National Galleries and other places of importance.
  3. Analyze the sample papers/previous year question papers more than attempting them. Although the practising is important, it’s of more importance that you understand the structure and the kind of questions UPSC asks in the paper.
  4. Students must get help if they are confused. But, if you have a strategy and a continuous source of motivation along with the right guide or mentor, no can stop you to achieve your goal. Although a Test Series is always recommended to have hands-on on the examination pattern and get a sound idea of the examination pattern.

To register for Prelims Test series – Click here 

Tips to crack UPSC Prelims Exam

It is advised that you must study current affairs along with your static subjects—integrate them to get the best out of your study plan.

For basics, stick to NCERTs. Nothing beats their basicity.

Going through the Economic survey at least once is highly recommendable as all economy questions are directly from the survey.

Meditate regularly to calm your mind, and always have a purpose while meditating. This alone has the capacity to ease your entire journey to UPSC.

Exercise regularly and keep a healthy diet to maintain a standard metabolism of your body. Avoiding this tip has more negative consequences than avoiding prelims.

Make a notebook of doubts; jot down all the doubtful topics and everything where you make errors.

Test series are must for all the aspirants. Practice the pattern at least 15-16 times to get a hold of the entire question paper, for the sheer reason that you do not want to get surprised on your real day.

Click Here to get the list of recommended books for each subject to prepare for Civil Services Preliminary Exam


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