Road-map to IAS Prelims Exam 2019 – Chanakya Prelims Test Series

The evolving nature of UPSC Civil Services Exam brings an enormous amount of challenge both for aspirants and IAS institutions every year. The unpredictability of questions in Preliminary Exam often haunts the aspirants and increases the responsibility of IAS Institutions to bring right solutions to this dilemma. And Chanakya IAS Academy has always been at the forefront of designing Test Series after extensive research with Industry experts and toppers of previous years. Our unique approach to cover both static and dynamic part of syllabus along with crystal clear analysis increases chance to qualify for Prelims manifolds. If we pick up an example of the previous year, over 30 questions asked in Prelims 2018 were similar to those asked in Chanakya Prelims Test Series 2018. Our Prelims Test Series questions are created with the same approach as that adopted by UPSC.

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This year, our research has multiplied as we strive to provide the best possible Test Series to our students to improve their strike rate. When we say Best Test Series, it doesn’t mean, that we promise to give all the 3800 probable question in our Prelims Test Series which will be repeated by UPSC board in Prelims 2019 exam; but what we mean here is that we will make our students prepared for all the possible challenges that they might face at the actual quest.

Our past results have always been a testimony; and we are in the continuous process of providing even better outcomes with each passing year, as ultimately our goal is your success! The success of the youth of our nation, our future leaders, our nation builders; and we will not leave any stone unturned in this process of providing best possible guidance to the brave Civil Services Aspirants.


Our Prelims Test Series will not only test your knowledge but will keep upgrading it, and make you open the notes which you actually missed out. Here are the few important areas which we covered in our Prelims Test Series to make you well prepared for the real challenge.

  1. NCERT – Our Test Series have covered all important topics of NCERTs. So while appearing for the Test, you will not only get to know the important topics but will also get the chance to revise thoroughly and test your knowledge as per UPSC norms.
  2. Special focus on Current Affairs – As we all knows the importance of Current Affairs in all the three stages of Exam. The Test Series will cover all important current affairs related topics. We are covering important Newspaper Editorials, PIB, AIR, and Chanakya Civil Services Today Magazine along with other important current affairs sources.
  3. Answer evaluation and discussion by experts – The story does not end only at letting you know your marks and accuracy, rather the story begins from here. So after you appear for the Test, you will get answer evaluation, correct answer along with detailed answer discussion by experts to leave no scope of any doubts during the final UPSC Prelims Exam
  4. Entirely Syllabus coverage – The Test Series with 25 GS paper (10 Sectional Tests with intensive coverage of entire Prelims syllabus + 15 Comprehensive and Full-Length Test which aims to simulate UPSC Prelims exam) and 5 CSAT papers will cover the entire syllabus, every single topic and every probable question to help you face the challenge with confidence and right knowledge.
  5. Available in 2 unique modes – The Test Series is available in 2 unique modes: Online and Classroom. So the aspirants are free to choose their preferred mode and begin testing their preparation on the level of UPSC.
  6. Total 30 Test Papers – Prelims, being the first stage of the exam, expects a candidate to have broader and deeper knowledge about the respective subjects; therefore, with the maximum number of Test papers, we endeavour to make students cover all the important topics.

 A glimpse of our Test Scheduler

Prelims Mock Test 2019.jpg

Important points to note:

Do not consider Test papers as merely Tests, rather an opportunity to learn: Aspirants often appear in the test, get the correct answers and then just start preparing for the next test. This is not the correct approach! Go for the test, check the right answer, make notes, see where did you lack and why! Was that a tricky question which confused you and made you choose the incorrect option? Then prepare yourself to handle such tricky questions in the next Test paper. Consider these Test papers as the number of attempts. So now you will have a total of 30 attempts; and enormous chances to learn from past mistake and improvise. Make best out of it. Do not miss the detailed discussion class with experts; write down your queries, and ask during the discussion classes. It will help you clarify your doubts. And if you enrol for online Test Series, you will have the comfort of appearing for the Test sitting at your home and you don’t even need to wait for the discussion class, and you will get the instant report and detailed evaluation right after the test. Evaluate and make necessary notes.

Appear in each test with good preparation: As I said, consider each Test as your real UPSC attempt. Prepare for each test (you will get the Time Table or Scheduler here), check the details about the next exam and prepare for it. It will help you in your preparation.

Mode Fee
Online Rs. 5000/-

For 25 GS + 05 CSAT

Classroom Rs. 10,000/-

For, 25 GS + 05 CSAT

Enrol Now

Candidates can share any query regarding this post by dropping their comments in the below comment box. Our experts will Solve your Query.



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