Congratulating the Winners of Chanakya’s CSE Mains 2018 Answer Writing Challenge

Kudos to all you dedicated participants who helped us make CSE Mains 2018 Answer Writing Challenge a huge success! More than 80 students enthusiastically participated in the challenge, and we are indeed proud to see such serious candidates.

It has been a difficult task for us to select top 3 out of such many serious candidates who attempted well to answer all the 7 questions in a very efficient manner. Though, we are feeling glad too while announcing the top 3 candidates, who wrote answers incredibly well.

And here we are with the results!

Amidst innumerable entries received, it was a really tough decision and trust us, you people gave us a hard time judging! But then it was totally worth the efforts.

And the Winners are –

  1. VIKAS YADAV who has won the challenge with the first rank and gets entire set of Chanakya’s Mains Test Series as a token of appreciation from us
  2. DIVYA PRAKASH who won 2 sets of Chanakya’s Mains Test Series
  3. ADITYA BAGKAR who won 1 test set of Chanakya’s Mains Test Series

Your efforts are truly commendable! And we wish you all the Good Luck and Best Wishes for the Future!

*Suggestions and other details will be shared with all the participated candidates, over the mail!

Applauds for all you dedicated fellows for making this very prestigious services as your career choice!

Students and aspirants, who gave in all their might to reach us out with their answers, and could not make it to the Winners list, please do not get disheartened. Your answers were commendable, and as we mentioned it was extremely tough for us to judge. But if you couldn’t make it to the top, could be due to minor mistakes that you may not have noticed or simply because the winners out-performed in some ways. Worry not! We will soon be sharing the answers of all the 7 questions with you, over the e-mails and then you can check where you may have missed the chance!

But then this nowhere means that your answers were not right. Just that you need a little more polish before you sit for the toughest Civil Services Exam. And we are sure you will do it! With this challenge, we have this trust built on you! So, should you!

Always remind yourself that ‘failure will never overtake you if your determination to succeed is strong enough’

What are you waiting for? Buck up and start polishing your answer writing skills and do not stop until you have made it even tougher for the UPSC to select the best candidate!

You can do it!

UPSC CSE Mains 2018 is approaching!

Coming back to the reality is painful, but with just 16 days left to sum up your final revision, simply buck up! You have solved some of the most probable questions and now you will surely have some idea of how to answer them. If there are any further doubts, we will be sharing an appropriate answer for all the questions, with you over the mail, to read from and understand where you had lacked behind.

And, if you are looking for guidance from experts in the coaching, you can always check out our website to get updates about our upcoming batches. Click Here

Also, Read these Effective answer writing tips for IAS Mains Exam 2018 by subject experts and make sure you give your best at India’s most competitive Civil Services Mains Exam 2018!

Remember everything in life seems impossible, until its done!

We wish you all Good Luck for your bright future with Civil Services.

For past 25 glorious years, Chanakya IAS Academy has been working relentlessly towards giving back the Nation a fleet of able administrators. In line to shape future administrators, under the expert guidance and direction of the Success Guru AK Mishra, we organise various seminars and challenges, and this Mains Answer Writing Challenge was on the same lines. And we proudly declare that we have received entries beyond our expectations. You students have actually proven the saying right that ‘where efforts meet dedication, no timeline is a hurdle and no challenge seems tough’.


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