The best 14 online sources for Civil Services Exam preparation

Don’t you always look out for ways to optimize your study?

Preparing for Civil Services exam is indeed a big deal, and finding the correct source of information is even more difficult as there is pool study material and online sources are available to cover the vast syllabus of Civil Services Exam. Those who try to study everything under the sun covering all the online sources and multiple books, often end up exhausting their minds with unnecessary knowledge and information. Therefore, it is always advised to students to first get a sound knowledge of the syllabus while understanding the exam demand of UPSC and then begin the preparation in the right direction with a concise approach. for this, looking at the previous year question papers and enrolling for Test Series is another important factor. Then if we talk about the step by step preparation, then the next step is always should be reading NCERTs of 6 to 12 standard to form a stronger base and then go for other standard or recommended books. However, make sure, you select the standard books based on the advice of some really experienced person, or either purchase the study material from an academy who keeps the information concise and cover the entire syllabus of one subject in one book.

Now moving on the to the next step, it should be making the best use of e-learning and searching the right online sources to give a boost to the preparation process.

Firstly, We at Chanakya IAS Academy tried our level best to be a one-stop solution for you all the aspiring candidates by getting all the information on our social media platform and on our website. So to get Daily current affairs, Important newspaper articles of the day, important schemes, Daily News updates (DNU), Daily question practice for Prelims and Mains, you can simply follow the Facebook Page of Chanakya IAS Academy and get all the information there.

Furthermore, to download NCERTs, to get the list of recommended books, to get previous year question papers, to get more current affairs, Government Schemes and complete DNU, aspirants can simply go the students corner page of Chanakya IAS Academy

For toppers’ preparation strategies, we have thousands of videos on our Youtube Channel

Now, apart from these, there are some very important government sites which we would recommend aspirants to never miss.

  1. Press Information Bureau for Current Affairs
  2. To get updates and News related to Art and Culture
  3. To get economic policies and reports. This is the official website of the planning commission for the 12th Five Year Plan.
  4. For updates on Internation Relations or Ministry to External Affairs
  5. To get reports from the Ministry of Social Justice and News on Social Issues
  6. This is the official website of National Association of Software and Sevices companies. You will find all science and technology related news here
  7. For the news on security, polity and governance and to get reports on the Ministry of Home Affairs
  8. Very important source to get all the updates regarding Indian Government
  9. To get information and news on the environment, forestry and climate change
  10. For the polity related information
  11.  IPCC is the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change, which provides news and updates on Climate change
  12. For economic report and policies from Reserve Bank of India
  13. To get information related to governance and administration
  14. To get ARC (Administrative Reforms Commission) Reports on Governance and ethics

Those who are preparing for Civil Services Exa must know the fact that all the exam papers are divided into 2 segments, one is the dynamic part and the another is the static part. So that static part will be covered by NCERTs and standard books, the dynamic part will be covered with the help of these online sources mentioned above. Along with that, make sure you read Newspaper every day (Preferably The Hindi and Indian Express) and make notes for quick revision.

Good Luck for your preparation! 



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