Civil Services Prelims Exam 2018 – Answer Key, Question Paper Analysis & expected cut-off

Civil Services Prelims Exam 2018 has been conducted on June 3rd, 2018 and lakhs of students who have given this attempt are the most curious souls these days to know what would be the result, which will be announced later on of course. Until then, it is apparent for candidates to be discussing the paper with the peers for a tentative evaluation of their performance and a fair idea of tenuous areas that need to be looked into. Giving break to this curiosity, Answer Key of UPSC Civil Services Prelims Exam 2018 has been issued by Chanakya IAS Academy, and now you can calculate your probable score based on these answer keys.

For aspirants aiming at CSE 2019, Download from here the question paper for CSE Prelims 2018 for your knowledge & practice during the preparation.

This year’s Prelims paper was quite unexpected, and we will be discussing the same further in this article.  

Find your expected score and share with us in the comments below. We would also love to know about your experience with Civil Services Prelims Exam 2018. Further, in this article, we will be analysing this year’s Prelims Paper for both GS & CSAT along with discussing an expected cut-off that will decide your fate with Civil Services Examination. So, all your personal thoughts about the paper are welcome in the comments below!

Click here to Download your copy of Prelims 2018 Answer Key

Prelims 2018 Paper Analysis:

Amidst common notions in discussion with regard to Prelims 2018 exam, the most ones say ‘one of the toughest Prelims’ & even ‘back-breaking questions’ for Paper 1 (GS) and even the Paper 2 ‘(CSAT) was not as easy as anticipated’.

With Prelims 2018 Exam, one thing is clearly proven that UPSC is getting stern in checking logical analysis and reasoning of candidates along with their current affairs knowledge.

Where Polity & Indian Constitution saw questions majorly from the current affairs of past 1 year, questions from History & Economy showed up a lot more than expected. Economy questions may have tested candidates’ analytical ability but were certainly of a good standard.

While students may have had a tough time tackling high standard questions from Geography & History; Maths was another concern for most students. A Bhopal based student shared that the English Paper was easy to tackle but Maths was quite difficult. Aptitude test was a tough call to attend for them. Another student from the city shared that Paper 1 comprised of a lot of questions from History, which wasn’t expected. Environment & ecology section extensively covered important topics and hence, Paper 1 which is not expected to be this tough, gave in a hard time to the aspiring candidates. CSAT was surprisingly easier for most!

Now what we understand with this year’s Prelims paper is that students must dedicatedly work on following aspects:

  1. Read ‘The Hindu’ religiously: If not direct, but static questions are definitely framed from current affairs updates associated with the topics.
  2. Make your own notes: Anything that seems important to you must find a place in your notes. Especially from ‘The Hindu’ newspaper (for past 1 year, to be specific)
  3. Read every bit of news, even if it is not your field or subject: For instance, UPSC marked an indirect question related to the ‘WannaCry Ransomware’ which is not an interesting topic for every person. But for those who had read about it in detail, could answer the question.
  4. Don’t expect direct questions: Even the easiest topic from static curriculum can be asked in the most indirect way or through current affairs. CSE Papers are always the most unexpected & indirect questions. You have to be ready!
  5. Practice your curriculum: Only a rigorous practice can rescue your performance in the Civil Services Exam. Solve as many mock tests & previous year papers as you can, to get used to the exam pattern & boost your logical analysis for eliminating the wrong options. Doing so will help you keep the entire focus on giving the accurate answers while writing the actual paper.

Cut-Off for the Civil Services Prelims Exam 2018

Depending upon the toughness of the paper in co-relation to the past year cut-off & lessened vacancies this year, we expect the cut-off for CSE Prelims 2018 to be around 97 to 100.

Students, who have given Prelims 2018 & now preparing for the Mains Stage, now you know that UPSC can be the most unpredictable. Be prepared for the worst and you never know, you might get an extremely good paper at Mains, still, a good preparation is required in both the cases.

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Wishing you all the luck for CSE 2018 Mains!



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