Book-list for History optional for IAS Exam

Important Books-List for History Optional

Civil Services Examination is by far one of the most prestigious & coveted exams in India and highly competitive in nature. Candidates aspiring for Civil Services, put in day & night of hard work to score a decent rank and get to serve the distinguished Services. Preparation for such an exam requires dedication & focused approach towards a list of subjects mentioned in the UPSC Syllabus. Amongst this list, one of the most interesting & extensive subject, which also gives us information about our past with a blend of culture & traditions, is History; which is again one of the most aspired optional subjects in the Civil Services Exam.

Reading & learning about the History (India & World), involves no theories or principles, rather dates, events and the concepts hidden behind the facts of historical happenings. Thus, a thorough knowledge of the subject is essential to crack this part of the syllabus, effectively.

History optional in the Civil Services Examination consists of two papers – Paper I & Paper II, each worth 250 marks. To empower your preparation for the Civil Services Examination with History optional, we have compiled here a booklist on the Ancient History, Medieval History, Modern History & World History.

Studying from the books will never suffice your purpose until you practice the questions from previous year papers and take at least 2-3 Mock Tests to assess your knowledge base and rectify the weak areas to work upon. Besides, A regular answer writing practice will not just enhance your preparation but also boost your performance for the very coveted Civil Services Examination.

Although here, we are providing you with the list of suggested books that can help you prepare well for History optional for Civil Services Examination, still, a concise study material would be advisable which you can easily get from Chanakya IAS Academy. Click here for more details

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