Top 7 Ladies who cracked IAS in their First Attempt

‘A True Women will never limit her aspirations because of others’ limited imagination; rather she will prove her worth, and limit their discrimination’

In a country, where most people feel women are only victimised for uncountable reasons, there are women who break all the taboos & myths to prove that a woman is a lot more than a caring mother, loving sister, loyal partner or an adored daughter; she is also a responsible citizen of our Nation. Here we would like to salute 7 such Women, who have cracked India’s most prestigious Civil Services Examination and made their places in top 10 Ranks, that too in their Maiden attempt! And now, they are indeed making the most out of their responsibilities towards, what they call their home & their heart resides, ‘their Nation’!

Saumya Sharma

  1. Saumya Sharma (AIR 9, CSE 2017) – A topper by actions and achiever by nature, Saumya, after being declared as the highest scorer in her 10th standard, would have never thought that the dreams she so aspired for, will not be as easy as they seemed. Post her 10th standard, she was diagnosed with hearing impairment and she could have well used this disability to live a life of pity. But rather she chose to rise above and give wings to her dreams. Adored daughter of doctor parents, Saumya’s dedicated efforts made her not only become IAS officer, but that too with all India rank 9 in her very first attempt in CSE 2017. With support from her family, teachers & seniors (who are now IAS Officers), Saumya Sharma cracked Civil Services Examination, with Law optional, in her first attempt, that too without any coaching.

Disability was only a part of Life for Saumya, which she never let come in her way of achieving her dreams. Kudos to the strong will & dedicated efforts, this girl made us all so immensely proud of her.

saumya pandey

  1. Saumya Pandey (AIR 4, CSE 2016) – Simpler the dreams, sorted it is to achieve them. Saumya, the only daughter of her doting parents, has throughout been a topper in her school and a gold medallist from MNNIT, Allahabad. Apart from excelling in her academic records, she is also a classical dancer and a skilled basketball player, for, she has led her school basketball team as captain. And she continued her journey of brilliance with cracking IAS Exam in top 4th Rank bringing laurels to the holy city of Allahabad. After being awarded a Gold Medal in her Graduation, she could have easily chosen a high paying job with an MNC, but her aspirations were totally in lieu of serving her Nation for good. Saumya is an epitome of academic excellence and clarity of decisions.

This young girl has always believed in simple living & high thinking and even proved it to every extent. How about your aspirations?

tina dabi

  1. Tina Dabi (AIR 1, CSE 2015) – This Delhi Girl is a name that needs no explanation to be recognised. She has recently managed to keep herself away from the overly curious Indian Media for her private matters like her wedding, she is still someone highly followed, no less than a celebrity. This wasn’t so until a fine morning when UPSC had declared the results for CSE 2015, announcing Tina Dabi as All India Rank 1 topper. It took days until she could register she had created wonders with her dedicated preparation and break-through performance in India’s most competitive Civil Services Examination.

A Madhubani painter & an avid reader, Tina Dabi belongs to a Dalit family and understands the places where India needs to grow – mentally and logically. Thus, the choice of Civil Services as career option came to her naturally, where her parents guided her throughout the journey.

Tina Dabi chose Haryana as her cadre for the patriarchal mindset and the gender inequality prevailing in the area, she wants to work upon. Where do you see yourself putting your sweat and blood into?

Artika Shukla

  1. Artika Shukla (AIR 4, CSE 2015) – An adored daughter and the youngest in the family of 5, Artika belongs to a family where the education is not mere studies but values and ethics. Both her elder brothers are successful candidates of UPSC and serving the nation as IAS & IRTS officers respectively. Family support and Civil Services Background was not the only reason for Artika to go for the extremely responsible job as her career choice. Artika wants to work towards bringing about a positive change in lives of those who are poor or deprived of basic amenities required to live a decent human life. She always aimed to be an honest & dedicated Civil Servant and cater the needs of the society with utter sincerity.

Artika wants to see India on top of the World in every progressive sense and is working tirelessly towards her goal. How about your goals?


  1. Renu Raj (AIR 2, CSE 2014) – Family has been her strength and to succeed is a habit, she works tirelessly for. A working professional, Renu always knew that her journey to Civil Services will never be that easy. She obviously had to cut out her work hours and steal time to prepare for her dream to become a Civil Servant. Along with family’s support, Renu heavily relied upon her self-study and used Malayalam, her optional subject, as her strength. A poet since childhood, Renu knew that her mother tongue would help her go way long. And she managed to prove that no dream is unreachable if you can put in dedicated efforts into the right direction to achieve it.

Renu worked as House Surgeon and was always closely associated with the ground realities of Life, people from different strata faced in regular. She used her chance to work in the benefit for these people. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Bharti Dixit.jpg

  1. Bharti Dixit (AIR 5, CSE 2013) – The Only girl to make it to the Top 5 list of CSE toppers in CSE 2013, Bharti Dixit didn’t see this magnificent experience coming her way until the results had been declared. A doctor by profession, Bharti was always passionate about contributing towards the benefit of the society. Earlier Dr Bharti Dixit had qualified UPSC combined medical services exam 2012 with AIR 13, but with Civil Services this was her first attempt. It is hard to believe that Bharti had to face tough time defending her argument on a discussion over bureaucrat Ms. Durga Shakti Nagpal and how well she managed to do so, the result said it all.

Dr. Bharti Dixit, at a certain point, had to choose from amidst Post Graduation surgery (M.S.) seat, which she secured during her working days with the RML Hospital, and Civil Services. She believed in herself and chose Civil Services. How strongly do you believe in YOU?

vandana chauhan

  1. Vandana Chauhan (AIR 8, CSE 2012) –Vandana is yet another shining name, who cracked IAS defying all the odds. Not just she had a family background of not educating the girls, but financial constraints were another hurdle she had to jump over to reach the heights of success in Civil Services Examination. Graduate in Sanskrit (Honours), and LLB from BR Ambedkar University from Agra, Vandana had always dreamt of becoming an IAS Officer. Her brother, who is a lawyer by profession, believed in her dreams and supported her until she had achieved them. Vandana is an inspiration for those who consider their language as their barrier, as, she cracked the IAS Exam in her maiden attempt with Hindi as her optional subject.

Vandana made a crucial mistake of ignoring the negative marking in the Preliminary stage and attempted all the questions, but it would have been her sincere luck & effective preparation that she cleared the initial stage. As they say, wise are those who learn from their mistakes, she made sure to prepare well for the next stage, and thus, doubled the efforts for the Mains.

Her dedication rewarded her well with single digit rank in India’s toughest exams. She’s truly an inspiration for many!


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