Which Newspapers and Magazines to read and how to read for UPSC Interview preparation

This is how you should read Newspaper and Magazines for UPSC Interview

Civil Services aspirants must be aware about the importance of current affairs for all 3 stages of Civil Services Examination. And Newspaper is the most important and relevant source to get in depth knowledge about current affairs. But reading a Newspaper would not suffice the purpose until and unless you don’t know that what exactly you need to cover in the Newspaper and which newspaper should be read specifically for UPSC Interview phase. Current Affairs and Newspaper reading is not vital till only prelims and Mains stage, but it is equally significant for the Interview stage as well. So make sure, that you do not discontinue the habit of Newspaper reading as it will help you develop clarity in concepts, will keep you updated with important News and Current Affairs.

So first of all, you must make a wise choice while picking the Newspaper to read

Make a wise pick

Students are suggested to pick at least two Newspaper out of the given list and read on regular basis. The top 2 Newspapers are strongly advisable.

  1. The Hindu
  2. Indian Express
  3. The Telegraph
  4. The Times of India
  5. Dainik Jagran
  6. DNA

Now comes ‘How to read Newspaper’

  • Read Newspaper with a fresh mind, so that you can grasp as much knowledge as possible. Try reading it early in the morning. Since Newspapers are very handy, you can even carry it while traveling and read.
  • First of all, give emphasis to the News of your region, If any of the above Newspapers are published in your stage, read that section first, because you will surely be asked questions related to your state.
  • Once you have read the News of your region, now have a look at the entire Newspaper. Go through each and every headline, and then pick up the article which has been in News the most.
  • Make an order from the most significant news or national or international concerns to the lesser most significant and allot them a serial number
  • Read thoroughly and make notes. You can also cut out the scrapes of important articles and keep them in a file for future references.
  • Now, next step is Finance and economic section. Pay extra attention to it.
  • Read articles related to issues that have been in news frequently and follow the same process. Most significant to lesser significant
  • Read News or articles related to rise in Petrol, industrial growth and statuses, allotment of subsidies and such topics which are significant to common people and are related to economic development of the nation. Interviewer would seek your opinions and knowledge on these aspects.
Magazine reading for UPSC Interview Preparation

List of suggestive magazines

  1. Pratiyogita Darpan
  2. Yojana
  3. Kurukshetra
  4. Economic and Political Weekly
  5. Civil Services Chronicle
  6. Civil Services Times
  7. Down to Earth
  8. Frontline
  9. Outlook
  10. Chanakya Civil Services Today
  11. India Today
  12. Economists

Not just Newspapers, but these are some Magazines which can also be a great source of general awareness and for developing clarity in concepts with simplified and broader explanations of current issues. The articles given in the above mentioned list of magazines present different viewpoints of people on current issues.

How to read and what to read

  • Read current issues related to financial and economic stage of our country. Read opinions or viewpoints of other famous personalities on such issues.
  • You can simply cut out the page and make a separate file of magazine articles for future references
  • Read articles related to your profession, educational field, hobby or anything you like the most which you have mentioned in your Detailed Application form. You should be well abreast of the latest trend of those fields or if any recent changes that have took place or any significant news. Current affairs related to your hobby, your stage, your educational stream, your profession are the most expected questions to be asked in your Interview.
  • You do not need to pay much attention to the articles with biased or extreme views. You will find articles with extreme argumentative views, criticism; which actually should not bother you as a Civil Services aspirant. If you still feel something important in that part, read it but form your own balanced and unbiased opinion. You must uphold your stand and present your opinions well at UPSC Interview.

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