Chanakya’s UPSC Essay Writing Challenge – Master the Art, Get published and claim free practice resource for Prelims 2018

Applauds for all you dedicated fellows for making this very prestigious services as your career choice!

Civil Services is one of the most coveted jobs, as it not only offers secure future and handsome salary package, but also gives a chance to bring a positive change in the nation and in the lives of people, which in turn gives utmost job satisfaction. And those who are aspiring for such reputed services deserve all the appreciation, support & respect during their journey & thereafter.

For the beginners, you all must be busy studying from your NCERT’s and other reference books for the ground level preparation? Hope you are not missing out on something important. To help you keep up your preparation in right direction, to enhance your writing skills and to help you jot down your opinions well, Chanakya IAS Academy brings to you an Essay Writing Competition on the topics important for Civil Services examination.

 Are you up with writing practice and regular current affairs updates?

We are sure you must be reading Newspapers regularly and also following current affairs from other reliable sources.

Aren’t you?

And you must be definitely practicing essay writing, for, say at-least one essay per week?

If, any of your answer to these questions is a NO, don’t worry, it’s never too late to start!

And for those who are already doing it, let’s make this better with this Essay Writing Challenge!

Yes! You read that right! Now you can practice essay writing with us and get our experts’ feedback to know the lacking areas and work upon them well

Looking for a Bonanza to pump-up your partially convinced mind?

Our senior editors and experts will review each article and the best article will be published on Chanakya IAS Academy’s blog along with the name of the winner candidate, photograph and small Biography. We will help you make your opinions read by thousands of students and get benefited with your insights on some major social issue or topic of public importance.

Name of Top 3 candidates will be published in our next post on Facebook, and one best article will be published on our blog. Hang on! Not only this, Top 3 candidates will also get Chanakya’s Mock Test papers for FREE.

Selected top 3 candidates will also receive personal feedback from our Experts’ in their Email box.

Top 3 Essays which may not be up-to the top position mark but covered all the dimensions of the topic in a way or other will get handpicked by our Senior Editors who will email the authors of those essays a detailed feedback with needful suggestions on effective writing.

How to be a part of Chanakya’s Weekly Essay Write-up:

Select one topic out of 3 mentioned topics, and write an Essay of minimum 500 words. Email us your essay at

Be honest to yourself and try writing your Essay with existing knowledge before you take guidance from online sources. This is just to help you see where you stand. And trust us, nothing feels better than reading your own thoughts well explained. Then of course polish your ideas with factual backing from online sources.

Choose 1 topic out of the given 3 and write an essay of about 500 words
  1. Modi’s agricultural schemes in the era of rampant farmer suicide

 Clue – important points to be covered

  • Fiscal effects of such schemes
  • Increased MSP by 1.5 times
  • If the farmers are really benefited or not
  • Loan waivers
  • Groundwater will be conserved efficiently and it will provide adequate amount of water for the use of agricultural purpose
  • Atal Bhujal Yojana scheme
  1. Artificial intelligence

Clue – important points to be covered

  • Triggering an intelligence explosion leaving human intellect far behind
  • Risks associated
  • Narrow and general artificial intelligence
  • Legal and safety concerns
  • misaligned goals
  • Recursive self-improvement
  1. Skilling the youth of India

Clue – important points to be covered

  • Public-private partnerships in preparing the curriculum for training packages
  • Schemes: Kaushal Vikas Yojana, Skill India, Stand-up India
  • National Policy on Skill Development
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Skills Fund

 Simple Rules:

  1. Essay Entries will only be entertained if found to be in regard with UPSC standard guidelines for Essay writing.

Expert tip: Our Editors are pretty unbiased folks! So, try to cover all the dimensions of the subject!

  1. Chanakya’s Weekly Essay Write-up is welcomed both in Hindi as well English Medium
  2. This is no competition, but a healthy write-up session to help you enhance your essay writing skills
  3. Only the most deserving & well explained essay will be picked for Blog Publish.

PS: We will not judge you on your words! You just have to explain yourself in best possible way!

  1. We are strictly against Plagiarism. And copying from other sources will not solve your purpose.

PS: Trust us, our editors are serious internet freaks and will know even if you have shuffled words from existing essays on internet and even any other sources!

  1. Those who are writing for Chanakya’s Weekly Essay write-up are giving us sole discretion to publish their content, with needful changes (if and where needed), anywhere on our Blog or our partnered blogs without any formal notification.

PS: As we said above, we prefer notifying the authors about what is being done with their content!

  1. We, at Chanakya IAS Academy hold rights to declare the top Essay Write-up for the week & revoke the title if whole or even part of the essay is found to be plagiarized from other sources!

This is a healthy competition to benefit all you budding Civil Services Aspirants, let’s keep it clean!

Gear up for this very interesting Chanakya’s Weekly Essay Write-up. Watch this space for more Information!

 Good Luck Future Administrators!




  1. Hello sir it is great initiative from ur acedmy and i hope that it will help us to enhanance our essay writing and ideas regarding the given topics
    But sir I have a humble request to you is that u should also uploaded the best essays which would be helpful for me
    I am against the copying like using internet so I thing it is a great platform for us to flow our ideas and we can also prepare ourselves for the compitative exzams


    • Sure Talib. We will send you the list of best Essays also. And we encourage you to participate in the content and try to write an Essay and share with us. Let us review and share our feedback with you to help you improvise further.

      Good Luck


  2. Respect sir I have not money for any IAS coachings , but I want to become IAS , now I am do hard work only self study, because I have courage for becoming IAS . please help me, gives a guidance , some good booklist and some good essay for me , thankyou sir .


    • Hello Rajendra. You stay tuned with us here, and we will keep sharing good strategies, book list and other required material which can be a great support for your IAS Exam preparation. Have a look at all our articles, you will find articles where we have mentioned book lists, preparation strategies and a lot more.

      Good Luck


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