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Crucial 5’s on How to spend a Week before IAS Interview!

UPSC CSE 2017 Interviews have commenced from February 19th, 2018 and the aspirants still waiting for their turn are all up-heals biting their nails of anxiousness. But unlike the first 2 stages of Civil Services Exam, Interview stage expects the candidates to look confident with a clearer approach. Therefore, the candidates are advised to follow the below mentioned tips a week before the interview to face the challenge well, and ease the nerves of anxiousness.

Before moving on to crucial tips on how to spend your week and a day before the D Day, here’s a small exercise for you. Close your eyes imagine yourself amidst smiling faces and feel the pleasure of serving a massive society on a constructive & positive note. Now, say aloud ‘I can, and I will’. Feel the pleasure associated with your dream career and make a positive affirmation. It actually helps!

Coming back to the very important things you need to do before you appear for the life-changing Civil Services Interview, here are the crucial 5’s:

A week before IAS Interview
  1. Take Mock Interviews: Mock Interviews are a window to the actual UPSC Personality test and give you a fair idea of how exactly is the look & feel of the most decisive stage of Civil Services Examination. The Mock Interview panel consists of eminent personalities from the Civil Services fraternity & related fields who will grill you exactly how you will be scrutinized by the real UPSC Interview Panel. Taking mock interview in this final week before Interview will help your get familiar with the interview process will help you practice well, and then the insightful feedback by the Interview panel further helps you understand your flaws and improvise.
  2. Rectify your weak areas and don’t binge on new things you come across: Post mock Interviews, you will be left with a lot of very crucial feedback that need to be rectified and worked upon within next 2-3 days. Once back to your place, play-back the DVD or recorded Mock Interview session provided by the academy and view it as a 3rd person or as a spectator. Try figuring out concern areas like sitting posture, hand movements, tone or the eye contact, and note them down. While watching feedback session, clearly note down the suggestions given by the experienced panel and if you found some error on your part. Now when you have a list of things to work upon, start right away. Practice communication part with a senior member of the family and learn to put your opinions in an efficient manner. Do not miss a single point that was raised. But don’t take up anything new that you may not have studied and is quite detailed or lengthy. It’s too late to overburden your brains now. Make the best of your existing knowledge and rectifications made post-Mock Interview Feedback! And yes, do not forget to stay updated with current affairs every day.
  3. Test your traits: Personality traits do not develop in a day, week or a month. It takes regular practice for anything to come into a habit. After having given a Mock Interview and rectified the mistakes or weak areas, now focus on your personality traits. You are going to serve a diverse society that will need major skills to be tackled in the pre-existing scenarios. Test yourself on grounds of your Personality traits like Administrative ones or the leadership qualities or ask a senior member of family or teacher do so and see where you stand. Whatever major can be changed or improved, do it. With rest, start practicing on a regular basis. By the time you are recruited, you will be ready to serve the entangled society more effectively.
  4. Know and learn to explain yourself: Interview process, which is also known as personality test aims to test your personality in and out. So practice filling up your Detailed Application Form (DAF) well, fill it very genuinely and learn to explain it well. Learn to introduce yourself well, why you wish to join Civil Services, get a sound knowledge about the things, activities or sports you have are going to mention as your hobby and learn to frame your answers efficiently.
  5. Revision is the key: You, as a Civil Services aspirant must have been in preparation mode for almost a year or even more for this very prestigious Civil Services Examination. And now is the time to revise the crucial points of your major subjects and more specifically the optional chosen. You must have made your notes during the preparation phase of Prelims & Mains stage of the exam, they will come handy, now! Grab your notes and give in some good time to revising the major points, dates, facts, names, etc. And get little knowledge on the stream you chose in your graduation.

A day prior to CSE Interview:

  1. Limit your conversations: Avoid speaking with too many people a day before the exam. Knowingly or unknowingly, it will hamper your mind’s endeavor to relax. And too much of brainy talks will also over-burden your mind. Let it relax for the final shot!
  2. Take proper rest: Ensure that you have taken a complete 6-8 hours’ sleep and not let anxiousness hamper your peaceful nap. Avoid taking your cell phone and other gadgets to the bed, so that nothing keeps you occupied during your sleeping hours. . But again, we do not encourage you to sleep needlessly. 6-8 hours’ sleep is enough for your body to ease out.
  3. Practice Yoga and meditation: Yoga & Meditation are not mere exercises but a state of being in the present along with unification of the mind, body, and soul. Commonly every person is aware of the benefits of practicing yoga & meditation in regular, but in specific regard to being UPSC aspirant, these will help you increase concentration, improve memory & attention and help your mind stay balanced and calm. During meditation, focus on positive thoughts and your strengths that will help you in your journey to a successful & glorious career with Civil Services. Accompany your Yoga session & Meditation with some soothing or calming music and let your mind enjoy this peace, stress-free.
  4. Enjoy your interests: As we have been stressing on keep a day before the exam for relaxing, one of the most effective ways to keep your mind relaxed is doing things that suit your interests. Listen to music, dance until you feel free like a bird or spend some time with nature. You could visit your close ones, friends or spend time with your pet. Do anything that you love to do, but not study. If you wish to spend some time with books, rather choose some happy fiction or interesting facts that nourish your brain and not tire it needlessly. Remember to not try anything completely different or out of the blue. Our motive is to relax your mind and not get it busy with something different but equally captivating.
  5. Newspapers are must: No matter how hard we are asking you to relax your brain, reading the newspaper remains a crucial task you must do. Take some time out of your ‘super relaxing’ schedule and dive into the world of current happenings around you. Avoid anything on Politics, Sports, Entertainment and focus on the underlying theme or issues rather than specific news bytes.

Important Note: Re-check your documents a day before. Although we expect you to have done that before coming to the city but still to be sure, re-check all your documents.

P.S. : Do you know what was common amongst toppers and successful candidates while they faced the over-hyped UPSC Interviews? They were who they are! So, if you wish to be in the league– Be You! Don’t let anyone’s opinion alter your thoughts and mental readiness for the Interview.

A few moments right before IAS Interview
  1. Ease out your natural calls, beforehand (use restroom)! Must sound funny or embarrassing, but this is very crucial, and you know why, of course!
  2. Wipe off your face with a wet tissue or rinse off with water to relax and look fresher. Female candidates can carry their basic make-up (Lipstick, etc) for a re-touch up if necessary.
  3. Give into some positive imagination as to how would your Interview session be. Trust us, it will boost much confidence in you.
  4. You will have Newspapers lying around you. Give them a look! You might get few questions from D day’s Newspaper as well.
  5. Avoid nervous people around and rather indulge in an informal communication with calm and relaxed people around you. You never know, you both get to serve the society, in work accords.

Expert hack: ‘Be you’!

Good Luck!


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  1. This is awesome sir but it can’t be helpful 100% because we think what we are and behave the way we are addicted of.


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