3 C’s to Crack UPSC CSE Interview

With just 2 weeks left to the final stage of India’s most competitive Civil Services examination, it is important for the candidates to pull their sleeves up and get ready to face the final challenge.

Candidates who have cleared UPSC CSE Mains 2017, have already won half of the battle, and the other half is equally challenging and important to get through to make their place to the final list. Before you face the highly esteemed panel of judges at UPSC, you must know the magical 3 C’s to crack India’s most competitive Civil Services Examination’s Interview Phase:

  1. Confidence: The most important key to success is self-confidence. Self-confidence is one tool without which nothing great can be achieved, no matter how much caliber, talent and potential you have. And the most important key to gain confidence is to gain enough knowledge about the particular subject. So if you are going to appear for the upcoming interview, you must have thorough knowledge about the interview process, the panel members and the topics that will be discussed in the interview. Therefore, students are advised to take 2 to 3 mock interviews to understand the interview process, the psychology of panel experts in advance, to get familiar with the UPSC interview atmosphere and to figure out their weaker areas which need improvisations before they appear for the final interview phase.

Watch the mock interview of Athar Aamir with Chanakya IASr Academy’s panel of experts including retired or serving IAS officers, well experienced academicians, psychoanalysts and other subject experts.

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You might not realize but if you are confident about your preparation and readiness for the Civil Services, the board will be able to judge this brimming in your eyes as well. It’s time for you to instill the right confidence in your speech and action as an important part of interview preparation process.

  1. Communication skills: As an administrative officer, you got to deal with every day social issues amidst interaction with people from different social strata and levels while also addressing their day to day needs and problems. Apart from regular official discussions and handling matters of public concern, civil administrators are on a regular communication level with the general public and that’s where they are able to build the rapport required to deal with the society effectively. Communication skills are prerequisite for an Interactive discussion with people who are seeking help in various aspects of their life. Communication skills of an able administrator include his listening skills also and how effectively he/she can develop a trust bond with complete strangers compelling them effortlessly to share their problem. An able administrator should know how to maturely handle the matters of public concern and still upholding the ethics and integrity of the reputed position of a Civil Administrator.

Interview panel at the UPSC will notice a lot about you and your communication skills throughout the Interview session. So make sure you communicate your thoughts well. Interview involves a balance between the presence of mind, efficient listening, clarity in thinking and brevity in speaking. Your body language also plays an important role, so you must have good hold on it. Maintain a gentle eye contact with the board members while speaking and listening, affirmative nodding are advised wherever required along with a gentle smile on your face. Express your opinions, this is very important. Here, Mock Interviews are strongly advisable which will give candidate a fair idea about the interview process and the experts’ feedback & guidance would help them perform well in the final quest.

  1. Composed personality: Every person has their own way to deal with the problems and different situations, whereas a sense of composure is always required in every situation, as a calm and composed mind always think better and create better solutions than an unstable mind. A person with composed personality will be like a ‘well composed symphony’ that will blend in with your mood and soothe your soul with sheer happiness. As a Civil Administrator with composed personality, you will be able maintain your cool under pressure situations, have your own wits, not get easily agitated or emotional and depict mature behavior where-ever needed during the course of your work tenure and even otherwise. A calm and composed being will always prove to be an able Administrator as you will be expected to be prone to handle the pressure and carry forward your duties with absolute perfection. And don’t forget that UPSC board is smart enough to judge your composure with the questions or discussion based on ‘real life incidents’ where they seek answers and your perspectives to assess judge your mental caliber.

‘Outer glow can be suppressed ways by the Inner glow. Spread the light!’

Good Luck for the interview phase and do not forget to practice under experts’ guidance before your go for the final quest. Register Online and Book your slot for mock interview now.

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