Roadmap to prepare for UPSC Interview – Know what type of question are asked by UPSC board

The personality Test or the Interview round in UPSC Civil Services Exam is the final gateway to Indian Administrative Services, Indian Police Service, Indian Civil Services or other Government services. The Interview process is perceived as the ultimate deciding factor in the success story of a candidate. The 275 marks of the personality test (out of a total of 2025 marks) are significant as the UPSC can award as high as 80% or as low as 30% of the budgeted marks.

The most important factor which often comes in every aspirant’s mind is what kind of questions they will be asked during the interview process. Other important factors which decides candidates’ final marks or ranking is their way of presenting themselves in front of the board member, their confidence level, way of handling trickier questions or situations and how they portray right personality traits while answering the questions.

This is where, mock interviews play an important role. Students are always suggested to appear in 2 to 3 mock interviews before they go for the final quest; because it makes students understand the requirement of this interview process, psychology of the board members and it also helps understand the lacking areas which need to be worked upon.

Chanakya IAS Academy conducts mock interviews in an ambience which is akin to the actual UPSC interview, where the esteemed panel which consists of retired or currently serving bureaucrats, renowned academicians and highly qualified professional from different fields, closely examine the candidates’ detailed application form, and based on that, test their aptitude, logical reasoning, expression of knowledge and overall personality. In the past, most of the serious candidates trained by us have scored more than 70% marks in interviews.

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Now, let’s move further to help you gain an insight on the questions the panel would ask during the interview round. UPSC Interview questions ranges from why you want to join the services to your choice of subject, your hobbies, interests, academic qualification and geographical background. It is advisable to answer questions honestly and at the same time avoid repetitive answers pattern like want to serve the nation, rather add logics, opinions and your deep thought process to it.

  • Questions on your hobbies, which you will mention in your DAF is something you will be asked for sure. So, do not forget to read about it thoroughly and gain some in-depth knowledge about it.
  • Questions related to your geographical background, like the place where you born and brought up, history about it could be asked, so get a decent knowledge about it. Also learn about important events on the year or date of your birth.
  • Civil Services Interview questions are majorly asked from your DAF (Detailed Application Form), so remember, it will not be the test of your academic knowledge, but your logical reasoning, presentation skills and your overall personality.
  • Many situational questions could also be asked during the interview round like, what will you do if an earthquake strikes your district and you are the DM/ Collector or SP.
  • Questions related to your choice of service preference are expected and you must be prepared on that aspect. Current affairs analysis is important area of preparation.
  • There could be questions on current political issues, pros and cons of coalition, political prospects of regional and national parties; so spend some time reading about political news and related issues.
  • The Triple Talaq is a hot topic currently, so read about it.
  • Read about Kasganj communal clash
  • Read about Demonetization, GST, etc.
  • Read about Naxalism, terrorism, Illegal mining coal mafia, internal security and other increasing episodes of tiffs at the border, Dokhlam & China.
  • All issues related to current affairs must be covered thoroughly as it is bound to be discussed in the interview.
  • Read about your optional subject, why you chose the subject and few other related details
  • If you are a working professional, be prepared to face some questions related to your current job, company, etc.

Your personality will be judged on the basis of your logical reasoning, your interest and knowledge on current affairs, mental alertness, social traits, critical power of assimilation, ability for social cohesion, intellectual and moral integrity, balance of judgment and leadership skills.

I would like to mention it here once again that when you are preparing for the final stage of Civil Services Exam, it is good to attend some mock interviews to get better idea about the question you might face in the interview. Preparing for the questions asked in advance may give you a definite edge.

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