All India Ranks required to bag the most reputed Services like IAS, IPS & IFS

Civil Services is the most ‘aspired for’ career options in India and witnesses lakhs of candidates at the written exams year after year. This inclination can be seen through the rising number of aspirants applying for UPSC CSE every year in the table below:

xfgcvnngYear No. of candidates who applied for Prelims No. of candidates who appeared for Prelims No. of candidates who appeared for Mains No. of candidates who appeared for the Interview No. of candidates who got selected
2017 10 lakhs 5 lakhs 13,366 2568 candidates have been selected for the Interview Phase which is yet to commence Yet to be declared
2016 11.36 lakhs 5 lakhs 15,452 2,961 1099
2015 9,45,908 4,65,882 15,008 2,797 1,078
2014 9,47,428 4,46,623 16,286 3,308 1,236
2013 7,76,604 3,24,279 14,178 3,001 1,122
2012 5,50,080 2,71,442 12,190 2,674 998
2011 4,99,120 2,43,236 11,237 2,415 999
2010 5,47,698 2,69,036 11,865 2,589 965

Out of almost 10 Lakh candidates who had applied for the UPSC Civil Services Examination 2017, approximately 5 lakh wrote the Preliminary, 13,366 wrote the Mains and a handful of 2568 got selected for last & most crucial phase of the Civil Services Examination – the Interview Phase.

But what matters is the rank that can fetch an aspirant the prestigious IAS, IFS & IPS. And the answer to this very crucial question lies in the number of vacancies for each year and categories an applicant suits the best for. Ranks allotted with IAS, IFS & IPS keeps changing every year accordingly, and the range keeps varying with vacancies declared by the Service Commission. To understand this changing trend in a better way, here we have compiled the allotted services along with the last ranks selected for the service.

2015: Final Rank Allocated for IAS, IFS, IPS:


2014: Final Rank Allocated for IAS, IFS, IPS:


2013: Final Rank Allocated for IAS, IFS, IPS:


2012: Final Rank Allocated for IAS, IFS, IPS:


2012: Final Rank Allocated for IAS, IFS, IPS:


With such increasing number of candidates aiming for the very prestigious Civil Services, if you are also aiming for it very keenly now, just give it a go. Civil Services is definitely the best career to invest your life into. You take a step forward and we will hold your hand and guide you with the best & focused approach towards achieving your dream.

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Good Luck to all Civil Services Aspirants!


“No dream is too big, no sky is that high! If you have the will and believe that you can fly!”


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