UPSC Mains 2017 Results out

UPSC Civil Services mains 2017 results declared! Congratulations, you made it

So, UPSC Civil Services mains exam 2017 result are out and your long wait has finally came to an end. Keep your fingers crossed, be positive and….

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Congratulations from Chanakya IAS Academy to those who have cleared UPSC Mains 2017.

At Chanakya, we’re conscious of your hard work, talent, and perseverance. We know the amount of efforts needed to secure a seat in the final list. And, now that you have, feel good about it and take pride in your achievement.

“That, what didn’t come to you today shall come with better results tomorrow”

We also know that where a lot of candidates are celebrating their success; there are many others who couldn’t clear UPSC IAS Mains 2017. And, as a parent figure—we promise you it’s not the end – In fact, it’s a new beginning. And we assure you that we’ll stay with you throughout. To all those who have temporarily failed, pledge to restart, reinvent and target the goal again with the same vigor, and always remember – why did you start in the first place.

After the UPSC IAS Mains Result 2016, Chanakya IAS Academy is starting again with full force and committing to fill all the gaps that kept all the aspirants away from their goal. It’s our vow to individually understand all our students and support wherever they lacked—fill all the crevices with the right guidance and strategies for their smooth journey.

Target UPSC 2018 with our 3 months Application Based Intensive Short Term Prelims Program. Or, assess your ground preparation with our extensively designed Prelims Test Series.

Want to take a break and come back with the best of your preparation? Learn more about our scientifically designed Upgraded Foundation Course to ensure your success in all 3 stages of Civil Services Exam.

To all the successful candidates, Chanakya wishes you all the luck and appreciate the sheer hard work and consistency that has played a major role in your success. Keep going. You’re the motivation for all of us; other aspirers, educators, and UPSC; everyone is proud of you.  We request all the successful candidates to share your experiences and your strategies so that the fellow aspirers can come home with a badge of honor too.

Again,  heartiest congratulation to all!

The biggest reward for a thing well done is to have done it, “and you have done it. We wish you a dedicated hard-work for the upcoming interviews. And please, do not take the Interview lightly. Have a strategy for the Interview as you had it for Prelims and Mains.

“A Dream Is A Goal With A Deadline”

Take a wise step now and grab the opportunity before the deadline for IAS Mock Interview is over!

Read here the right tips to prepare for UPSC interview


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