Make a resolution this year to crack UPSC IAS Exam and honor the decision!

Resolutions are fantasies. If you think you can bring them into existence, go, get it done!

As 2018 rolled in bidding adieu to the eventful 2017, most of you still must be quite indecisive about the resolutions you must make and abide by. For the thoughtful minds that aim to be a Civil Administrator in near future and serve the society worth living for a better today and the best of tomorrow, let’s plan how should you take things in change, here onwards.

Is IAS your Dream? Are you aiming to crack India’s most competitive examination – UPSC Civil Services?

We won’t be getting into the regular questions anymore. Let’s just get you started!

Resolutions are the most optimistic expectations one sets from himself. With time and tides, these expectations go overburdened with other priorities, resulting in the most disheartening reasons one has to offer to themselves. At the end of the day, you will still know that you could have achieved what you wanted to, only if you had really tried! This goes the most relevant for those aspiring for Civil Services, not just because it is one of the most competitive examinations but mainly because preparation for India’s most reputed examination is not an easy nut to crack. As 2018 unfolds its glory, develop in you the apt Administrative traits and promise yourself to never let down your guards.

Promise yourself: IAS, IPS and IFS are no ordinary jobs. You cannot bargain for the shoes of the most reputed Jobs in India. The moment you have decided to be a civil administrator, that very moment you have taken on your shoulders some major responsibilities. Society needs more of compassionate, fearless & dedicated administrators. Apart from studying for the Civil Services exam, there is another major task you need to accomplish before you sit for the exam: develop in you the right administrative traits, which will need to be inculcated only with regular practice. Make yourself a promise, a promise of your IAS dream and a promise that you will achieve it, no matter what. It’s time to show this world, the best version of YOU!

Honor your words: UPSC Civil Services is one dream every Indian has dreamt of and only the dedicated minds can make such dreams come true. If you have made this promise to yourself, keep the word. These words are power and it takes a wise brain to make such decisions. Having destined for yourself, the most prestigious and reputed Jobs in India, you must first learn to honor your words. Speak less but make sure you are logical and heard.

Design your own path: Stepping forward towards a life of Civil Administrator is a very mature decision and takes utmost care while planning each step. While writing your Journey, only you know what exactly you expect for your future. Don’t let anybody hold the pen and write your journey. With UPSC Civil Services it’s not just the preparation strategy you need to design for yourself not forgetting other aspects of your life; but design a whole new lifestyle for a future administrator who has to take care for a big family which from now on is a massive society eyeing on public representatives for a peaceful co-existence. Before you step in for the role, make sure you are prepared. Let your creative juices flow in the world of hopes and desires & then design your own path. It’s only you who can make the best of your life with the set goals and dedicated efforts.

Keep up your motivations: For exams like UPSC CSE, there is nothing like immediate gratification. It’s you who needs to ensure that the goal is clear and in no scenario let your vision go blur even for a moment. Involve yourself in intelligent discussions and enjoy your conversations. Such interactions will help broaden your thoughts and make your vision clearer. Respect your intellect but don’t underestimate what others have to share with you. Someone’s experience might give you a lesson for life. Discuss current events, listen to others’ point of views and think what adequate steps should be taken. Start thinking like an Administrator!

Don’t compromise with what you’ve settled for: Civil Services Jobs is a choice you made but to be specific it is not merely a choice, but a life changing decision, for you and for the entire Mankind. Your actions will now henceforth be accountable to benefit of several people in one go. You have surely kept this very crucial aspect in mind and then settled for the Job. Don’t compromise with your dreams. You are on a very big mission that can help change the society in many better ways. As they say, ‘a small drop of effort in the ocean of karma’s comprises a wave of bigger change”; you are about to bring in the change. Respect yourself for the decision and look ahead to a future of ethics & disciplines and of the change you can and you are destined to bring. This positive attitude results in a gratification nothing else can make you feel better with. If the changes can start from within, why wait for others to be the example. Be that example!

If you have a dream, protect it! If you want to achieve it, go get it!

Here’s what we have to your rescue

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On this note, Chanakya IAS Family wishes you and your dear ones a very happy, fruitful and successful New Year 2018!

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