NCERT- The most familiar and essential book for all UPSC aspirants. It not only provides you the very basic and factual knowledge about different subjects but also nourishes your knowledge and makes it strong.

Now we have different versions of everything and it is same with NCERT. Students often get confused between old NCERT and new one, Here the question arises which version is better, as we can’t read  both.

So to save student’s time, we have come up with the effective solution.

CHANAKYA NEETI says that to obtain the solution ,we need to analyze the problem and If we analyze the changing pattern of UPSC, then we will find that UPSC is asking such questions which are based on concept rather than facts and figures. This means we need to shift our approach to more basic and subjective things.

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old-books-2-1Recommended books by our experts to sort your confusion:-

  • History – old
  • Economics – old
  • Geography – new
  • Polity – new
  • Science & tech – new

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