Do we really need Bullet Train?

One of the very famous upcoming projects of the Government, high speed rail or bullet is extremely expensive infrastructure project. Bullet train basically is the train running on dedicated lines at 250 km/h or even higher has almost in every country been initially entitled as elitist. And now it is being introduced in India.

The way the question raised in the case of the Pioneer Shinkansen in japan and later TGV in France, a query is raised here also; Do we read need such a capital guzzling project when loads of other pressing issues require resources?

Let us get the perspective right!


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  1. don’t think its necessary government should work on educational point or on social issues train is not an important issue according to me. still there r poor children who r not getting the benefits of education not only talking abt girls bt also boys.


  2. Bullet train with this much budget is unnecessary instead we should start researching on our own transports and automobiles by making a organisation for the same just like drdo is for defence and should breach foreign talents in the same with our indian talents


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