Lessons from CSE Prelims 2017

It was a partly cloudy Sunday morning in Delhi, when students, covertly nervous, were packing their bags to leave for their examination center. It was ‘the day’ for UPSC aspirants; CSE Prelims 2017 was waiting for them in a hall they have never sat on.

Today, sitting in the corner of your room and contemplating how did that Sunday go, markedly, wouldn’t help. There is so much to learn from the experiences of other people. Here is what Pooja Tripathi, a Delhi-based Doctor, also a serious UPSC aspirant, takes away from Prelims 2017.

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Some take away points from the paper;

  • You can’t do it all– Remember this is important, it’s an elimination round where you have to be above a certain cutoff, don’t panic and start questioning yourself on seeing a tougher paper like this, here your anxiety will cost you some negatives.
  • Don’t, I repeat don’t play that probability wala game– I have seen some coaching institutes and veterans giving shortcuts, they say – ”Mark all the answers you are confident about (till here it’s fine), and then mark two probable answers. For eg., if the pattern is CD, CB, CA…..you should pick the pattern and mark C”. It’s senseless. Keep your probable options for tinder and not UPSC.
  • Be prepared to be Unprepared– It happens, that’s the beauty of UPSC. It’s unpredictable, and believe me, you know most of the answers. It’s just you have never imagined that question and the following options in the same sense UPSC has asked.
  • No pattern is UPSC’s pattern– Be ready with your armor and don’t listen to all those astrology “Is baar current aaya to agli baar nahi aayega”
  • Whatever you read, read it in and out– especially polity and geography.
  • UPSC is not taking questions from Kitkat, NO! – Don’t consciously delve in Perk and Maggie noodle packets, but also don’t ignore the information you come across. Chandipur is distinctly known for that feature which was asked in this CSE Prelims. You must explore the possibilities of knowledge.
  • CSAT is not a cake walk anymore, don’t leave its preparation altogether.
  • Cut off can’t be predicted – so better not waste time in that. And yeah, it’s not going below 100 for sure.

This exam tests your knowledge and it’s application. Mere attempting it, will make you smarter about it. So, enjoy the process.

Keep the momentum running.

Do you have something to share that you have learnt in Prelims 2017? Comment Below.


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