How to Avoid Distraction?

Whatever interests us, and is not productive, distracts us. At a point in a mellow tune of life, we should accept that we all are distracted. It is a pitiful and unwanted condition for any human being. As a species, we despise being unproductive.

It’s a sheer blip of a mobile, or the temptation of the internet, or a sight of an old photograph, or an urge of visiting bathroom —there are so many things that produce our inability to inhabit in the stretch of time—what we call the PRESENT.

Most of us might be at a holiday spot, in our most comfortable clothes and surrounded by our loved ones—but, for a fact, surprisingly, we’re not actually there at all. We’re somewhere at work, or in an imaginary discussion with our competition, or planning our next conversation with our spouse. Or maybe you’re in an interview, which is extremely significant to your career ladder, but, opposite to what’s needed—your mind is skipping to points in both the future and in the past.

It’s easier to look at your distractions and blame the lack of concentration. But, let’s talk about distraction and see where we’re lacking as a species, and why we cannot sustain anything, even mildly closer to something that could be called a distraction.

Blaming the devices that help you on your UPSC preparation: laptop, mobile or reader as sources of distraction is pointless. The problem doesn’t lie in these devices, but in us. We ourselves, more than anything else, is responsible for these sudden trips of past and future.

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How to keep out distractions, effectively?

  1. Create a clutter-free environment

Before you plan to sit for a focused study session for your UPSC preparation, there is a checklist that you must follow to create a clutter-free environment;

  • Turn off/put your mobile on silent—disable any kind of alerts.
  • Put away your study spot from video games, TV.
  • Unless you are using your laptop for studying; shut it down.
  • Find out a spot where you work best, and create a well-lit environment.
  • Kill the possibilities to get interrupted by isolating yourself from the clutter.
  • Organizing your tasks in an efficient logical order.


  1. Overcome your Distractions

Recognizing when and from what you are getting distracted, is the key. The second you notice that you are turning to your phone or your laptop, or making an excuse to visit kitchen—stop yourself, cut the distraction of at the pass.

  • Practice the mindfulness and resist the distractions—being vigilant to your activities can snap you back to your reality and substantially increase your productivity.
  • Attention and focus can be developed like a muscle—and with practice, we can easily block out smaller and less intrusive distractions.
  • Resist procrastination and realize that if you don’t get it done now—you’ll never get anything done.
  • Focus on one thing at a time, and put all your efforts towards it.


  1. Work Efficiently

Make a fixed schedule for work. Find out what time works for you and make your to-do list around those targeted hours.

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  • Prioritize your work by lining up the most challenging work first and then the rest.
  • Daily, you must give yourself a minimum number of realistic goals.
  • Plotting manageable short-term goals keep you consistently motivated and let you finish more than the usual.
  • As our span of attention is short, usually between 30-60 minutes, we should take sufficient breaks to keep ourselves focused and keep renewing your motivation.


Is there anything you would want to add to the list? Comment below with your suggestions and queries.



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  1. I like to make sure I have a big jug of water and a snack like nuts within arms reached…otherwise I’ll find an excuse to go to the kitchen!


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