Last minute tips which should not be ignored before UPSC Civil Services Interview

The UPSC Civil Services interviews have started from February 19th, 2018. The performance of the students at interview ultimately decides the final rank in the merit list. Let’s dig into few tips which students must not ignore while going to appear for the UPSC Civil Services Interview.

Enroll for the Mock Interview

Make sure to attend at least 3 to 4 mock interviews and improve your preparation based on the feedback by panel experts before appearing for the final UPSC interview.

Read your DAF thoroughly

 Most of the questions in the UPSC interview will be based on your Detailed Application Form. Read your DAF thoroughly several times and prepare well for the questions from the areas like; education, hobbies, past work experience, services preference, etc.

Good Body language

Work on your body posture, personal appearance, and body language as you are going to be judged on the basis of this in the interview. During the interview, keep yourself calm, maintain eye contact, listen to the panel members very patiently, greet them well and appear very attentive yet with a composed body posture.

Visit the venue beforehand

Visit the venue once to know the way and the time it takes to reach the place to avoid any last moment goof up. Make sure you arrive at the venue on time on the day of the interview.

Keep your notes of current affairs up to date and Read Newspaper thoroughly

Keep yourself aware of the important current news, elections, government policies, etc. Read Economic survey, Yojana, Indian yearbook thoroughly and make notes of them. The panel may ask you about the news that appeared last week in the Newspaper, so keep yourself updated. Make sure you revise the current affairs of the past one month. Questions on these can definitely be expected in the UPSC IAS Interview 2017.

Work on your confidence level

Last, but not the least; appear confident in front of the panel members. If you are unsure about an answer, don’t get nervous; just say that you don’t know. You cannot have the knowledge about everything under the sun, so it’s very normal. Just feel relaxed. But remember the line between confidence and over-confidence, just be confident, don’t cross the line.

Good Luck


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