Prepare for Prelims 2018 – Tina Dabi Style

What’s better than having AIR 1 – CSE 2015 Tina Dabi to guide on ‘How to prepare for Prelims 2018’?

Tina Dabi has recently shared her strategy for Prelims 2018 and her timetable and tips for Prelims 2018 look healthy for anyone who is looking for a quick bite and guidance towards the gigantic UPSC syllabus. She has shared the hourly based daily timetable on how to divide your day into a perfect three study slots without avoiding the rest or leisure hours. She has also ensured that the candidates do not lose on healthy sleep and diet and advised to adjust the prescribed timetable according to their needs.

You are advised to take a printout of the given timetable and paste it where you can refer it every day.

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Good Luck.



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