Main Result 2016 – Why UPSC delays announcing the result?


After letting us all down for so many consecutive years, it’s safe to say that UPSC has formed a habit of delaying the MAINs Results.

While everyone is getting packed in the waiting room, choked with the anxiety attack, it’s significant to acknowledge that this delayed time in the declaration of the results– is resulting in losing the focus. Candidates around the country are complaining of losing the focus; they are unable to prepare for the interview, unable to sleep, or study, or even carry normal activities without getting anxious.

According to the UPSC’s trend; it declares UPSC Mains result in exactly two months. Although there hasn’t been any official update regarding the result – the mid-Feb was when everyone expecting it. In 2015, IAS Mains was organized from 18th December to 23rd December, and the result was released in two months, and candidates were expecting the same gap between the conduct of the exam and the declaration of the results this year as well.

According to our subject matter experts; these are the expected reasons behind the delay;


Since many candidates this year has submitted their petition to the commission marking out that Hindi translation of the essay topic — “If development is not engendered, it is endangered” – was quite different from the English version.

This essay topic led to a great confusion among the candidates and people have debated for weeks on this issue on our forums.


According to the UPSC calendar – the Prelims schedule has been changed from August to June and the same has been done to the Mains – from December to October. Previously, the standard gap between the final results and the preliminary exam was three to four weeks. This shift is an attempt to reduce that gap – while there is consensual support for the move from the candidate’s body – many students have been boiling because of the delay in the Mains Result.

 Comment below if you think there could be any other reason for the delay.


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