120 days left for Civil Services Prelims – preparation strategy and time-table

UPSC has scheduled the Prelims 2017 exam on 18th June 2017. Being the very first step towards the journey of IAS, Prelims 2017 is just 120 days away.

Where Mission Prelims 2017 is a revision plan, for those who are looking for a systematic and an effective mode to revise the complete syllabus, we’re presuming that you’ve already completed your first stroll at the entire stretch of the Syllabus. You must understand that no matter if you’re a veteran or a fresher if you’re starting your preparation before four months from the exam – even though we trust your daring motives – you’ll have to work your backside off to crack it.

After getting the views of subject experts and toppers from the last year on this emergent matter, we’ve discovered that only consistent, devoted and focused efforts will help students get through the Prelims. In a manner corresponding to expert’s advice – if you’ll follow multiple strategies, look for too many sources, seek exaggerated guidance or read extravagant course materials, your chances to clear Prelims would be way difficult and gradually, your one single attempt will morph into a five-year-long struggle.

Therefore, It’s highly advisable to stick to one strategy and dedicate everything you have in a single direction. You must strive to succeed in one single attempt – your best attempt.

This article is formulated to provide you with an outline strategy for 120 days to crack Civil Services Prelims exam 2017, with a workable timetable and an easy to follow approach to your goal. We acknowledge that it’s a high-end promise – but if you’d stick to it religiously and with a complete dedication – your success at cracking Prelims is positive. We also recognize that in this case, your hard work plays a major role – almost 99% — but we do believe that 1% right guidance from us will help you achieve your dream.


  1. Since it’s a revision plan, not a preparation strategy – you can’t just focus on one subject, rather involve multiple subjects in a day.
  2. Practice is the parent model for all the revision tools. Enroll yourself in the test series program which almost every academy offers during this time.
  3. It’s not enough to read your coaching material. It is highly advised to follow current news and important sources. Read newspapers every day, read important articles and make notes of them. You can also get current affairs booklet which is available in many IAS Academies.
  4. Keep a day aside in a week for a complete revision. Quiz yourself on what you’ve read and how much you’re able to recollect, followed by, correcting your mistakes and focusing on the important topics. Try and solve past 5 years question papers to understand your level of preparation and the areas need to be strengthened.
  5. Most importantly, enjoy these 120 days to the fullest. Complete your weekly targets, and do not worry and get disheartened about the results, rather stay positive and believe in yourself. Consider chanting – ‘I can do It’ – 5 times every time you feel demotivated. Do not try to lock yourself in a room and keep yourself engrossed in books only, rather go out, have fun, talk to your friends, discuss the current events and important things with them, understand human psychology and the happenings around you, discuss how a positive change can be brought in the society; this is also a crucial part of preparation which should not be neglected.

Revision Plan for Prelims 2017

  • We’re providing you with a complete timetable for next two months (120 days) and that includes both your weekly and monthly plans. There are three rounds of revision, one that stretches for first 60 days, second that condenses everything in 40 and the last and the quickest, covering everything in 20 days.
  • Consider being intensively involved in your revision, at least for the first 60 days – your first round. If you mistakenly leave something, you can cover it with your second round and get it rerevised on your third round. There are parts where you’ll have to cover an entire book in a couple of days – though it’s difficult to do but not impossible. After all, revisions must be concise and fast, retaining only what matters.
  • You’re advised to skip Optional if you’re covering all the referred sources but prepare for Prelims and Mains side by side – it’ll enhance your game for both the levels.

The race for 2017’s Prelims begins!

Finally, your Time-Table!

We recommend you to take a print out of this timetable and paste on your wall to rigorously follow it

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