Examination Anxiety – Are you ready for Prelims 2018?

This is our second installment in the series of addressing 6 major issues faced by the students who are preparing for UPSC. And, this one is exciting – Yes, today, ironically, we’re punching faces with anxiety – let’s do it.

Like most of the days – you’re anxious, you know it’s there in the background, always staring at you from the corner of your room, frightening, scaring you about the upcoming exams. Sometimes, it’s less, sometimes it’s not in the front – but never completely banished, at least not more than an afternoon.

The examination anxiety apparently is based on a very specific set of things; the exam you have never attempted or your failed attempts, the obscure procedures, the absurd pattern, the minimum qualifying criteria problem, your pen not having enough ink… but, look it in this way, from a broader perspective, the issue is larger than we think and more typical than we imagine.

First and foremost, we have to accept that we’re anxious – to our core – in a very basic human way. We should also accept that anxiety is a permanent feature of life, something irreversible, an existential trauma – and all this life of intensity is just for being alive. Not fair, is it?

Sometimes, we think the escape from the current situation is the answer – the holiday across seven cities, or a calm home with everything in place, or by watching a movie that rides you away from everything else you currently know, or just getting that one right person in our lives who could completely understand us.

The largest selling ideas against anxiety are beauty, travel, love, and status. Despite spending our energy towards our passion and our goals, we’re often bound to fail. The single most important move is to tackle anxiety is “acceptance”. We all must accept our anxieties as our fundamental state of being and few other universal truths we have been avoiding for a while:

  • We all are essentially vulnerable human beings bound to break down – with a lot more failures than successes in our pockets.
  • We all are insufficiently equipped with the tools of life, steering our life blindly.
  • We all live in a world that is majorly driven by dreams and wishes to have so much more than we have – leading us to emotions like restlessness and envy.
  • Our ancestors and all of us are a species of great worries – we’re carrying the worrying element in our genes as a part of survival.
  • We are all driven by a capitalist engine where our self-esteem and sense of comfort rely on other’s approval.
  • We are evidentially confused about the approach. We should carry to tackle our current conditions.

How to deal with your anxieties?

  • We all should agree to not get anxious about anxiety. Also, that our mood swings are not the evidence that our lives have gone wrong – rather contrary to everything else – the fact – that we’re still surviving through the disparity of a human life, and that is something in itself to cherish.
  • We should free us from loneliness as a species and accept that we’re not the only one who is going through this trauma and, most importantly, not the only one with problems.
  • As a species, collectively, we have failed to truly admit what we’re inclined to. Despite everything around us and the anxieties we are inhibiting from our environment – we should always, instead of worrying, laugh at our anxieties. We should laugh at the fact that – we’ve been given a chance to have a body that can have an emotion like anxiety.
  • We should acknowledge that we, with everyone around us, have an absurd scale for ambition and success – that in real means – with the lifespan of human existence – nothing at all makes sense, at least most of it.
  • We should keep our patience tact and not lose our perspective on our lives and the things that can shake its roots.
  • We should go around, secretly note the anxious world around us, above all – our best friends and tell them in the nicest way you possible: ‘I FEEL YOU’.






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