Things IAS ASPIRANTS can learn from Donald Trump

Trump! Doesn’t that strike an emotion in you? Hate or love, that entirely depends on what side of the democracy you are on, or what kind of political view you have – whatever might be the case –Donald Trump makes a few valid points, and it’s unimportant if you agree with his political views – this man essentially has something to teach us.

Trump might have crushed or burned, so have you – through your life – he just has been over-highlighted for it. Generating enough attention and convincing yourself to one single goal – in his case to be the president of the United-States, is seemingly a big challenge. When you compare that with your goal to become an IAS – it feels like a cake walk, at least you wouldn’t be dragged to the public and thrashed for your personal life – at least not until you become an IAS. There are exceptions, I agree. But, there are still some valuable lessons to snatch out of his story and learn how you can become successful in whatever you desire, let alone be an IAS.

Take a Stand

The commitment that Donald has shown throughout his election campaign 2016 is commendable. Nearly 20 presidential candidates were hopeful for the venture to become the most powerful man in the world, but he stood out, fearless of the competition, unafraid of the odds of becoming the president.

Do you think you have more competition than this guy? Maybe, if you look at the number, but numbers don’t tell the whole story. To think right, he has done something remarkable with his position, so huge that other candidates couldn’t even get to the quarter of where he was. And, that’s precisely you have to do.

Overthrow your competition

Trump did something through his course of preparation for the presidential election, that the rest of the Republican field seems quite moderate. You should ask yourself – what am I doing that my competitors refuse to do. What can I do that’s different? And, that’s where you’ll see the distinction. Everyone prepares and study for UPSC exams, everyone goes to classes and stay awake at night, everyone looks like they’re committed, everyone. But, what differentiates other candidates from the aspirants that actually succeed is that small line through which they stretch. We recommend you to do that.

Pick Partners Wisely

Through his presidential campaign, Trump has offended thousands of people around the world, and at the same time appealed to the other half, at least got their attention. And, through this, he has lost most of his friends, sponsors, and business partners, but he stuck to his goal, he did what he had to do, and see the results?

It’s not a secret, for any kind of success you need strong commitment. No matter what happens in your personal life, how many friends you’re losing, it must be your goal that gets you going. You should divide your life into parts and only stick to the things that add value to you and your goal. Trump did that and so should you.

Good Luck!


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