Success Mantra in 5-Minutes

“Set Goals”

In order to build a constructive and result oriented mind, it is very important to set your Goal and spend quality time in solitude to visualize all the pleasures attached to that goal. The greatest power which human being has gifted by the creator is the mind and power to think. The more you will focus on your goal, the more you will attract your goal and bring it into the existence. Every coin has 2 sides, similarly, we can use the power of our thoughts and mind in two faces, one is negative, in which we keep having doubts on our abilities, remember, if you’ll doubt your abilities, the universe will doubt them too!. Whereas the other part of the coin is positive, which is full of possibilities, take charge of your life and have confidence in yourself, if you have decided to do it, you will do it. And the entire universe will come into force to provide you what you desire to achieve.

Thoughts become the reason for happiness and sorrows depends on the direction of thoughts. Those who get the hold on their thoughts become the ultimate achievers. Therefore, one must try to be smart in charge of his own thoughts. In Bhagwad Gita, Lord Krishna says,

“Enslave your thoughts, do not be a slave to your thoughts”.

Most of the human beings remain a slave of their thoughts, they are not able to use this great power at their will, and rather they are not aware of this power. Those who knowingly or unknowingly succeed in getting hold of their thinking power and navigate their thoughts as per their choices, they only become achievers. All scientific inventions, all discoveries and all achievements of human cultures and civilizations are results of those people who succeeded in becoming the directors of their own thoughts. On the other hands, all failures, worries, tensions and all miseries are results of uncontrolled and ill-directed thoughts.

Therefore, in order to succeed in your life, you must first precisely define your objective, have a clear picture of what you want, and then align the objective with that value. Make sure your goals are consistent with your religious and moral beliefs, and with other goals that you have. And then develop a series of positive; powerful, present-tense statements that describe the benefits of having your goal and how you’ll feel when you’ve to reach to your destiny.

A thought attracts upon which it is directed. That is the reason for the thing you greatly fear that comes upon you. Your fear thoughts are just as creative or just as magnetic in attracting troubles to you as are the constructive and positive thoughts in attracting positive results. Thus, it’s advisable that you should not think of a thing which you do not want in your life. If you don’t want failure, do not think of it. Think only of success and strengthen your belief system for your ability to succeed.


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