How to prepare and key components of Interview

The personality test carries 275 marks out of the total 2025 marks and is the last hurdle to cross. It is important to bash away at interview preparation as it plays a crucial role in obtaining success as well as higher rank. Like the essay that carries 250 marks, this small segment can undoubtedly give you an edge over other candidates.

But unfortunately most of the candidates do not take the interview seriously and by the time they realize its potential, it’s already too late. The nature of interview for the civil services examination differs significantly to that of other services interview. The interview board is already aware of the professional as well as personal track record of the candidate. Interview aims at analyzing the personal suitability of the candidate for the career in public service. Interview board consists of unbiased and competent observers who themselves have splendid career profile as a bureaucrat under different capacities with years of experience in public services. The intent of the test is to judge the mental caliber of the candidate.

If you have balanced and precise thoughts and also know how to put it across effectively, cracking interview will become easier for you. On the flip side, if you do not possess these skills you can develop it through experienced guidance and practice in the right direction.
Despite having all the requisite skills, many candidates are not able to make it to the merit list for want of their knowledge of Do’s and Dont’s in the interview. Below mentioned points can help you catapult your performance at the interview.

  • No signs of nervousness should be shown during the interview. Yoga and meditation can help you overcome anxiety.
  • Stave off carrying cell phone inside the interview room. The ringing of cell phone diverts attention and might be perceived offensive by the interview board.
  • Pompous talks leave a negative impression so it is prudent not to brag too much before the interview panel. Also, it will raise their expectations and they will evaluate against those raised expectations which might prove detrimental to you.
  • Frequently checking time by looking at your wristwatch is a sign of low confidence.
  • The worst blooper you can commit is to lie about anything during the interview for while cross-checking it will be easily detected.
  • If you are already employed, never bad-mouth your present employer. Likewise sharing a negative opinion about your academic institutions and the persons related to it can jeopardize your chances of clearing interview.
  • If the interview is not proceeding on the line of your expectation, do not show any sign of nervousness, instead, try to bring the situation back in your favor. Sometimes, interviewers check your mindfulness and patience during tough and unfavorable times.
  • If an interviewer asks you a question and you do not know the answer, instead of making out the answers, just confess it with a smile on your face that “I do not know the answer”. People generally are hesitant to accept their shortcomings.
  • You must not communicate either verbally or non-verbally that you are desperate for this career.

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